The feature "Booking Status" helps the hoteliers with special procedure that use a lot of options, to set them as fixed.
In this  section, you can select which reservations status include in your analysis tool.
For default settings, only the reservations with the BOOKED and CONFIRMED status are included.

In case it's important for you to include in your pick-up also the optional bookings, you can select them from the list, by activating the switch next to the OPTION status, as in the picture behind.

After that, you can choose if you display them from the confirmation or creation date.

The creation date corresponds with the day the reservation get in.
The confirmation date corresponds with the day the status of reservation is changed from option to booked or confirmed.
Especially the groups reservation could be affected from this difference.

Also the voices NO-SHOW and OPTION - NO DEDUCTION can be selected from the list.

If you have questions regarding this feature, get in touch with your Revenue Manager. We are always happy to help!

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