In the menu Settings > Events you can save relevant events for your hotel. Adding events, like school holidays, helps the system to analyse the history and creates a better Forecast.

Events can be added by using the “Event Filter”. For this, choose the relevant Event Class, the Country and the Region.

Example: a hotel in Tyrol always have a lot of guests from Bavaria in the week of Easter.

If every holidays of this region are relevant for the hotel, you can click the “SAVE” button next to the Region.

In the submenu “CUSTOM EVENTS” a hotel can add all local relevant events.
Let's have a look how to create them:
Step 1 - click on ADD CUSTOMS EVENTS
Step 2 - choose the event name
Step 3 - select the dates when is the event is happening for the current and previous years (if available)
Step 3 - save by the ✓ button

Tip 1:
If you have the dates of the event in the past years, also insert them.

Tip 2:
When setting up a custom event choose the day of arrival for the beginning. The last day of the event should equal the date of the last overnight stay. The event (e.g. a fair) might still continue the next day but as everyone is checking out it is not relevant anymore for the following day.

After saving the events. they will show also in other sections of the software. In details, you will see the events you saved in the functions: Manage and Analyse.

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