You will find the market data (market demand and competitor prices) as part of the “Analyse”. At the upper part of the page you will find the tab “Market” which you select to open the Market Data.

In order to assess your competitors, you can customize the data displayed by selecting filters in the given tabs. The available filters contain:

  1. Room category
  2. MinLOS
  3. Meal type
  4. Persons
  5. Cancellable
  6. Market Demand
  7. Occupancy

In the standard configuration all filters are set to “Any” and “Show”. This means that the chart displays the absolute lowest price available.

TIP 1: 

To make the double occupancy prices of all rooms visible set the “Persons” filter on 2 

Setup for a price evaluation of double occupancy prices in the standard category

TIP 2: 

The available categories for comparison depend on your settings in “Settings” > ”Competitors”. About this topic, you find an article here. If you have several room types collected into one category (e.g. Standard), the chart will always display the cheapest room type available in the category. 


As well as in the analysis “Forecast” you could define your period assessed by moving the slider below the chart. This happens by clicking on the slider and dragging and dropping it to the required period. The maximum period to analyze are 6 calendar weeks. You could easily identify a calendar week represented by the blue bars in the overview.

You could use your cursor to stop over the explanation part below the chart. This will highlight the rate development of the individual competitor. Furthermore, you could select or deselect a specific competitor in order to hide the information in the chart.

You could also display your chosen period in a table format. Therefore, you just click on the field “Table” up-left over the chart. The data presented in the table format will always represent your setup done with the filters in the tabs.

The table format data could be exported as a CSV or PDF file if you need it.

If you want to set general rules on the rates you want to shop (e.g. standard occupancy always per 2 persons)  you can manage them in the specific  section: Settings - Competitors. Here you will find the article with the instructions on how to do that.

Tip: Set your general rules in the dedicated section inside the Settings, and manage the single shopping using the market function.

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