Setup of your own budget in RateBoard

In the Budget settings you could set up your own goals to compare in the Budget analysis. 

For an easier comparison you should use the values depending on your PMS either as net or gross. The value for occupancy needs to be put in percentage.

The values put into their fields will be broken down into daily values automatically. However, if you have a budget based on daily values you could enter them as well. Therefore you click on the button “Daily”. 

Creation of hotel groups (Bundles)

If your account includes several hotels connected to RateBoard you could create your own bundles. These bundles can then be displayed in the “Budget” analysis tool.

To create a bundle, you first click on “Hotel Groups” in the upper right corner, next to “Planned Budget”. Afterwards this window opens:

Here you give your group a name and also name your bundles. In our example we created a group of countries with all hotels in a specific country being bundled together for the analysis in the Budget tool. To select a hotel to your bundle you just tick the box next to it.

For further information about the analysis tool “Budget” visit the article.

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