Multiple Rate Plans

RateBoard supports the creation and distribution of several rates (for example, early booking rate, non-ref, half board, etc.) for some systems. Whether or not your system supports the creation and sending is indicated by the fact that the menu item "Rate Plans" is displayed in the "Settings" area. When in doubt, your Revenue Manager will be happy to help you.


Set up Multiple Rate Plans

In the "Settings" you will find the menu item "Rate Plans". If you have selected this, you can create a new rate in the upper left corner under "+ ADD ...".

Afterwards, a window opens in which the rate is created. First, you must enter the name here and determine from which rate the new rate plan should be derived. This is usually the "base" rate, which is the default rate / daily rate set in RateBoard.

Secondly, you have to choose the derivation type between UNIT (base occupancy) or PERSON.
For axample, if you create a rate plan HALF BOARD, and the rule is that, each guest pays 50€ more on the base rate (breakfast rate), then you can select the option per person.
If you create an EARLY BOOKING rate plan and the discount is 10% on the daily rate per room, you can select the option per unit.

The next step is to set how the new rate should behave at the old rate (in this case base rate). In the example above, the early booking rate has a discount of 10% on the daily rate. Each time a rate update is sent by RateBoard, the early booker rate of -10% will be sent based on the daily rate.


The displayed room categories always refer to parent categories in RateBoard (see Inventory Management) and apply to all categories within the type.

If a new rate has been created, it can later be edited using the "Change / Delete" icons.

Enable Multiple Rate Plans

Once the rate plans have been set up as desired, they must be activated under "Settings"> "Interface configuration".

For this purpose, the established rate plan of the PMS or the Channel Manager for the new rate must be set up. Only in this way, the rates will also be allocated correctly in the corresponding system.


In order for the new rate to be sent to the system, all rates from the manage must be sent again.


The triggering of the rates works best by marking the month. Then please select the function "Adjust current rate by amount", enter the amount of 0 € and save. If the rates are now "binding released" no price changes are made, but only the last installments sent again. The new "Early Booker" rates will also be included.

Multiple RatePlans in the implementation

The operative operation of the Rate Plan is done via the "Manage". For this, the overview of the "Rate Plans" is selected on the right side.
For further information on the function "Manage" read the article here.

Here, the rate can be opened or closed via the door icon. In addition, the up or downs can be adjusted individually for each day (for example, changing the discount to -5%). If the changes have been made, they must be saved and released.

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