RateBoard supports the setting of restrictions for the PMS Protel, as well as for the Channel Managers Seekda, DIRS21 and Simple Booking.

Restriction management is carried out via the Manage area.

First, the data in the Manage is selected for which changes are to be made. This can be a single or several days.

If the days to be managed are selected, the rate change menu will open on the right side. Above you will find the symbol "Restrictions".

By clicking on the symbol "Restrictions", the control menu opens.

The following restrictions can now be implemented for the selected data:

  • MinLOS = Minimum length of stay
  • MaxLOS = Maximum length of stay
  • CTA = No arrival possible (closed to arrival)
  • CTD = No departure possible (closed to depature)

However, it should be noted that not all systems support any restriction. If there are any open questions, the supported restrictions can be found under the "Settings" menu item "Interface configuration".

How are the restrictions set?

MinLOS and MaxLOS are set by the two underlying sliders. There are settings from 1 to 14 days possible.

If you want to cancel an existing MinLOS or MaxLOS, the corresponding day / days must be selected. Then the sliders have to be moved all the way to the left.

In the case of CTA and CTD, the restrictions are managed by clicking the "Closed", "Open" buttons.

Incidentally, the restrictions for all defined room category groups can be set individually. For this it is only necessary to remove the rake from the field "Accept restrictions for all room categories".

Afterwards the room category group can be changed in the mangle and those separate settings in the restrictions, for the desired date, can be made. 

How to manage the room category groups can be found in the article "Settings"> "Inventory". Click here to be redirected.

If all restrictions have been successfully set, they must first be saved. Subsequently, the protocol of the desired changes opens below the calendar. Only when the protocol has been confirmed by "Release binding" will the restrictions be sent to the corresponding interface.

How do I know which restrictions I set when?

If restrictions have been set for a particular day, they are displayed at the respective date in the lower area of the tile. Bottom left are the restrictions for MinLOS and MaxLOS and on the right for CTA and CTD.

In the case shown above, we have set a minimum stay of 5 days for 22.07. Additionally, we have closed the hotel for departures.

If you want to set general restrictions (e.g. MinLOS for longer period)  you can manage them in the specific  section: Settings - Restrictions. Here you will find the article with the instructions on how to do that.

Set your general restrictions in the dedicated section inside the Settings, and manage the daily changes using the rates calendar.

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