The various room types are sent from the PMS system. For a better overview and a good comparison, the rooms are categorized in STANDARD, SUPERIOR, SUITE, BUDGET, SINGLE, FAMILY or APARTMENT. Room types can also be excluded and archived.
The typologies excluded will be not part of the counts in the analysis tool Pick-up and Budget.

In addition, a primary type must be defined for each category. The primary type will be displayed directly under "Manage" in the calendar and the other categories on the right side. These settings are therefore a pure representation and has nothing to do with the calculation.

In the submenu Capacity you can specify the actual number of your rooms divided by typologies.

In this section you can also manage situation like a change in the number of the inventory. If you close some of your rooms, for example, for renovation, you can add here the new total number of room.
First click on the button ADD and insert the date from when the change will start. After that, a new rooms count will appear and will be able to insert the correct number of your inventory.
Please, also remember to add the date from when the count will be back to be normal, repeating the procedure ADD...

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