When you go to Settings > Price Rules > submenu Rules you can set a price strategies for certain days of the week. For example, the weekends of the month of August are historically higher than the weekdays. You can set the rule of having your Fridays and Saturdays 15% higher than the base rate. The established price rule will be shown as a Rateboard price suggestion in the rate calendar.

First step - select the period (August)
Second step - give a name to the rule (weekends)
Third step - choose the percentage of increase (15%)
Fourth step - unclick the days that are not afftected by the rule
Fifth step - active the rule.

When you go to Settings > Price Rules > submenu Rate Rounding you can select an option to round your suggested rate for a number (option 2 and 3) or for a multiple (option 4 and 5).
With the option 2, the rate will always round to the highest number you selected. For example, if you choose "round up to 9", 121€ will round to 129€.
With option 3 "round up or down to", with the same example, 121€ will round to 119€ and 126€ to 129€, so to the closest 9.
Option 4 is the same than option 2, but with multiples numbers (eg. 3) and option 5 is the same than option 3 with, as well, mutiples numbers.
Option 1 is "don't round" means that the rate is free to oscillate from 0 to 9.

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