The first option in the Settings area is called Notifications.

First of all, choose if the notification should be an INFO, a WARNING or an ALARM. If an ALARM is set you will also receive an automatic email together with the notification.
If you set an INFO or a WARNING, these two will be displayed in the Dashboard. 

Secondly, you have to opt for what the notification will be about: BOOKINGS, REVENUE or ADR. Afterwards, choose higher or lower, the period of the comparison with the same data last year (e.g, 120 days) and the percentage of variation. 

Once you made your choises click on the button SAVE.

All the notifications will be displayed below in the section "List of notifications".
Keep in mind to active them using the appropriate switch!
They can also be amended or deleted.

To set the correct notifications check your booking pace and percentage of growning.
If your booking windows open 2/3 months in advance, choose the option 90/120 days.
Select the percentage of variation that represents your growth. If you get too many notifications a day (7-10 notifications) you should low the percentage.

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